SYFY’s The Expanse: Season One Recap

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to Art Directed this cat-tastic commercial for the Syfy show, The Expanse.

As production designer, I strategized ways to make quirky cat-inspired sets, while staying true to the aesthetic of the show. (ie: litter-box Mars, yarn-ball virus, cat-condo space station)

The sets were built in collaboration with cardboard master Jason Hsu, decoupage and sculpture lady Allison Boegemann, and spaceship designer Elliott Lamborn. The costumes were designed and constructed by the fabulous Carrie Collins and Tran Ngyuen.

The commercial was directed by Ted Passon and produced by All Ages Productions.



Jamel: E3

Jamel visits Spain, circa 1492 in episode 3 of The Adventures of Jamel: The Time Traveling B-Boy.

The episode was shot at the historic Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, where we repurposed the main room for two distinct sets, the throne room and the torture chamber.

Written by Jayson Musson, directed by Scott Ross and produced by All Ages Productions. Props and set design by Lenore Romas.

Watch the episode here:

Hendricks Air

Hendrick’s Gin takes to the air in this delightful Safety Video for their new cucumber-shaped airship.

I designed and decorated two miniature sets (1:12 scale) for the cockpit and sitting room of the airship, and collaborated with master builder Stephen Dufala to construct the rooms and engineer some of the moving parts. The sets were brought to life with stop animation.

I also designed our lead’s costume in collaboration with Regalia Costumers. You might notice my gloved hands duck in there a few times too.

The video was directed by Ted Passon and produced by All Ages Productions.

Dan Deacon: Feel the Lightning

I collaborated with director Andrew Jeffery Wright to bring his vision for the new Dan Deacon music video to life. I was asked to engineer and build the costumes for the dancing chairs and create the 70s-sitcom inspired set! I collaborated on some of the costumes with costumer Kristen Lupoli, upholsterer Teresa van Loey, and of course the great Andrew Jeffery Wright himself!

Hendricks Gin: So Many Ways to Bond

Hendrick’s Gin takes to the science lab to study the effects of affection on cucumber taste.

For this commercial, I set out to design and decorate a set that channeled a research laboratory in the 1970s and featured an analog polygraph machine hooked up to a cucumber plant.

I sourced varied period-appropriate props and set pieces, and built some props like the headphones, EKG pads, and the cucumber plant itself. I also designed the character’s costume.

The video was directed by Ted Passon and produced by All Ages Productions.

Happier Holidays

This commercial for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s Fine Wine and Good Spirits stores demanded the complicated task of pulling props from a seemingly bottomless shopping bag.

We cut a hole in the table and our assistant passed the different props up through an opening.

I designed and decorated this sleek and simple kitchen set which we constructed in the studio.

Props were also my purview, including the turkey platter that I engineered and decorated.

Collaborated with the ever-talented Tony Trov and Peter Marsh on the set build. And with Carrie Collins on creating a bigger bag.